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Renters / Tenants Insurance

Protecting your personal property and contents.   Simple and easy to get a quote .

Why you need renters insurance.

Tech Services / It Packages

No matter how well you plan, how experienced you are, sometimes things just go sideways. You or your employees don’t even have to be at fault….

Cyber Insurance

Any business that uses a computer and the internet is exposed and should have a Cyber Liability policy to protect it from the potential financial hardship.

If you are in need of Business or Home Insurance, then look no further.

Nexus Insurance Brokers Ltd. knows how important it is to have the right insurance coverage for your business or home. We will get to know your needs so that we can provide an insurance package that maximizes your protection. You can be sure that you will always receive knowledgeable, professional and current insurance advice.

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Condo Buildings in Yaletown

Homeowners, Townhouse/Condo Insurance

Find out more about our homeowners Insurance and to view additional insurance products we offer.  We will make sure you are offered the broadest coverage at the best possible premium.

We Specialize in Contractor Bonding and Insurance.

Nexus Insurance is committed to helping you to mitigate and manage your risk for any business in the construction industry. Exposure to several factors whether environmental or economic can seriously affect the ability of the company to complete a project with the expected time and budget.

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At Nexus Insurance Brokers we help our clients plan for future risks and align with their optimum business strategy. We focus on enhancing your competitive advantage so you can optimize your business opportunities. Our clients are looking to secure their assets, protect their income and increase their revenue. Some of the results experienced by our clients include reduction of excessive insurance costs, redesigned policy to bring new business and effective risk mitigation with an appropriate insurance policy.  We offer a complimentary consultation.


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