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Meet our executive team.

At Nexus Insurance Brokers, we take pride in our customer service and ensuring our clients are well taken care of.

Ken Addison


Ken has been in the insurance industry for 20+ years and has worked with some of the industry leaders. He has gained a wealth of knowledge in a multitude of commercial insurance areas.  Along with that knowledge, experience and an ever-growing clientele, it only made sense that Ken follows his dream by opening his own insurance brokerage. This dream would not have been possible without the support and encouragement from many of his long-term clients .

Ken believes that building strong relationships with clients is key to understanding their needs and priorities when it comes to purchasing insurance coverage.

Ken states ” Nexus Insurance Brokers will never stop looking for ways of improving our customer service, products and pricing in the ever changing insurance industry ” .

Saira Hill


Prior to joining Nexus Insurance Brokers, Saira has pursued a successful career in the insurance field. Saira began her career in the insurance industry in 1997 as an autoplan agent. She then furthered her career into personal and commercial lines and eventually moving into management.

Saira stepped down from management to raise her two children that are 22 months apart. She now has re-entered the industry with a passion for customer service. With experience of 18+ years,  you can count on Saira to put together the best insurance policy for all your home and business needs to ensure the best coverage.

Saira is married and has two kids and enjoys yoga, travelling and reading.

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